New Additions to VCA Library

Some of the recent library additions

VCA’s Library now boasts new additions of books and puzzles thanks largely to the Visiting Authors series, and the Local Author series, both sponsored by the Philipsburg Jubilee Library of St. Maarten in 2010.  The new titles include Book 1 and 2 of “The Adventures of Starr” children series written by Jacky Rom of JAX Publishing UK; and “The Sausage Ranger” written by one of the island’s youngest authors, Michel Hodge.

A significant addition to the library comes from Melissa I. Eights who donated her entire collection of puzzles depicting local scenery and culture of St. Maarten, along with the full selection of all the books she has written, including “Rehabilitation & Recovery Poetry and Short Stories” and “It is Going to Rain”.  The latter, was presented to the school with “Grandpa Herbert”; a stuffed doll designed by her mother, Mrs. Valerie Eights-Rowe in honor of Mrs. Eights’ father who recently passed away.

Grandpa Herbert will be introduced to the Kindergarten program in February, as he is to assist in teaching the children how to dress themselves (fully removable coat and hat), and tie their shoelaces.  A formal presentation of the doll and the accompanying book which includes coloring pages, will be done in the first week of February as a part of the 5th Anniversary celebrations.  It is hoped that the author and Grandpa Herbert creator will be on hand to introduce them to the current Kindergarten class.

Grandpa Herbert w/Accompanying Reading & Activity Book

Other donations to the library came from persons within the neighboring community who desired to enhance the reading program promoted by the school.  Encyclopedia sets, Dictionaries, Bibles, and in-fair condition reading and reference books on a wide genre of topics were received over the past semester.  The director, Dianne Greenaway, expressed her gratitude for the contributions and stated that with the additions, the library now needed to be upgraded and expanded to properly house and accommodate them.