We have partnered with Alpha and Omega (Online) Academy (AOA) to give returning and future students the opportunity to “do school” online. “Let’s face it! Today’s children are technologically advanced and traditional school formats are not working. School Administrators and Educators are always trying to find new and innovative ways to motivate and encourage continual learning by the students on a daily/yearly basis.” This says, Director of VCA, Ms. Dianne Greenaway.

It is this constant pursuit of higher quality education and the opportunity to maintain and support accreditation which would continue to make VCA viable, that set the groundwork for seeking a partner for an online curriculum. Starting August 18th, 2015 – the very first day of school – all of our students can be dual-registered for the school year with both VCA and AOA and parents can be assured that the advantages of a higher quality education will be at their fingertips. At least 40-50% of the current curriculum will be online and access is anywhere the child is at any given time. Sick days can be productive days with login on their personal laptops, tablets, etc. Access to even more personalized tutoring, qualified teachers in every subject, especially foreign languages and the sciences, guarantees that every student will learn quickly, and enthusiastically.

As any new idea, dual-enrollment will take some getting used to but a new school year always brings new challenges and this is no different. We are certain that students will quickly improve with the new approach to learning. Parents are encouraged to call the school for more information or to visit the online academy for themselves before making a decision of enrollment. Once enrolled, the school year must be completed for ultimate success. Enrollment in the dual program can both be full or part time, the latter allowing parents and students to get accustomed before full engagement.

Applying to the program is easy. Download the Student Application and the Dual Enrollment forms and submit during registration (June 1 -July 31).

Yes, “Teach them diligently unto thy children…” will take on a more glorious view this August.

Learn more about the Alpha & Omega Academy at…www.aoacademy.com