Research Study Ongoing at Victory Christian Academy

Mrs. Allison Skerrett, a student of the University of Texas at Austin recently concluded another phase of research at Victory Christian Academy on Friday, March 6, 2015. Allison is pursuing her Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction and the research being done looks at literacy learning across transnational settings.

During the week, students between the ages of 13 and 18 were asked to dialog about their experiences living in two different countries as it relates to their educational and social life with a specific focus on how these young people learn, develop, and change as a result of having lived in two different places. “The enrollment of VCA is perfect for this research as it so transient, and students currently enrolled and within the target age group have lived in two or more countries already”, cites Mrs. Skerrett.

“My initial introduction to the school was through a former student, Monique Tackling, and though she is no longer enrolled here, she and the other students made such an impact on me in 2014 that I had to return a second time for follow-up.”

Students and Parents were encouraged to sign consent forms before the research began and those students that participated all enjoyed the experience. Ms. Claudia Morgan, the most recent addition to the secondary program at VCA is quoted as saying “I din’t want to do it at first, I was a little scared, but Allison made me feel very comfortable and the questions were fun and easy to answer. I enjoyed myself very much.”

“Having Mrs. Skerrett here for the second year of her research has allowed me to reflect on why this school was opened, and that our purpose is on-going but not yet fulfilled. I appreciated the opportunity for the students to get more involved this year and am glad that the parents gave permission for the participation. I am equally excited that she will be returning in the Spring of 2016, to use the Language Arts curriculum she’s developed in the Secondary division of the school.” This from Principal Dianne Greenaway who hosted Mrs. Skerrett’s research last year and anticipates a continued and long relationship to come.

Principal Greenaway stated further that every opportunity to expose the school to the local and international public is enjoyed and encouraged as it promotes the school and highlights its students and one-of-a-kind learning environment. “There is nothing better than good Word of Mouth Promotions (WOMP).”