Four Graduate from VCA as Online Learning and Entrepreneurship Added to 2015/16 Program

WEYMOUTH HILLS – Victory Christian Academy, now heading into its 10th year of operation said it will be adding online learning and entrepreneurship to its curriculum starting this August.

During the Tuesday, June 30, 2015 graduation ceremony, keynote speaker and school founder Nerissa Golden said it was more important than ever to prepare students for a world which has changed drastically since the school was opened in 2006.

“Giving children what is called standard education is no longer enough to start them off in life. Most college graduates are unable to find a job in their field of study. Too many of our children leave high school without an opportunity to receive further education because they lack the access to scholarships.

“Our children must have skills which they can immediately put to use to empower themselves. As VCA students have learned diligence and integrity so we must add innovation and entrepreneurship to their vocabulary and knowledge base,” Golden told attendees.

The school has formed a partnership with Alpha and Omega Online Academy to provide the same Christian curriculum they offer in a new format. Students will be able to do more than 40% of their work online and even when at home sick, they can keep up with school work by logging on via their computers and tablets.

“We’ve always provided a personalized curriculum to meet each child at their academic level and with this new offer, today’s children, who are more comfortable with a device in hand, can access the same quality learning tools which has proven successful at VCA,” explained the director Dianne Greenaway.

The new graduates from the elementary program are Moses Augustine, JanCarlo Galva, Alyna Richardson-Comlekcioglu, and Abigail Turnbull.

During the graduation, the director noted that 254 students have already passed through their program, which has proven useful in helping children overcome their learning gaps and position them for more mainstream schools. One former student is already pursuing a nursing degree in Aruba and two others are applying for tertiary studies abroad.

Golden, who is a regional advocate for entrepreneurship, hopes that with the addition of online learning and classes in starting a business, they can prepare students even more effectively for whatever their future plans are. “We don’t want anyone to be disadvantaged because of limited opportunities. Our goal is to show each student how they can be an active participant in creating the future they want by being innovative and leveraging their abilities in business or any area they desire to be.”

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