Online Learning Coming to VCA


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WEYMOUTH HILLS – When the new school year begins in August 2015 all students at Victory Christian Academy (VCA) will have the opportunity to learn and do school online.

According to VCA Director Dianne Greenaway, the school has formed a partnership with Alpha and Omega (Online) Academy (AOA) to give students the opportunity to complete the Christian curriculum on their computers or tablets.

“Most of our children have access to devices that they use for games and other activities. We want to make learning via technology as normal as playing a video game for them,” said Greenaway. “Let’s face it! Today’s children are technologically advanced and traditional school formats are not working.  Coming August 18th,2015 – the very first day of school – all of our students can be fully registered for the school year with both VCA and AOA and parents can be assured that the advantages of a higher quality education will be theirs.”

The director noted that a key advantage is that every student will be able to access the curriculum anywhere they are. “At least 40-50% of the current curriculum will be online and access is anywhere the child is at any given time. So sick days can be productive as they can login on their personal laptops or tablets.”

An added benefit will be that every high school student will be able to receive an accredited diploma upon completing their school curriculum at Victory Christian Academy through this new alliance.

Applying to the program is easy. Download the Student Application and the Dual Enrollment forms and submit during registration (June 1 -July 31).

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